Smart Application for Building Maintenance Tracking
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What is PlanGAB? is a bilingual platform for tracking most activities related to building maintenance. Mobile phones (for most pages) and tablets friendly, the platform offers a completely different approach from the products currently available on the market.

Indeed, with a minimum of data entry, PlanGAB is able, not only to establish the list of activities to be done to maintain the assets, but also to automatically generate a precise schedule of tasks to for each one of the staff. allows you to manage ...

  • One or more corporations (Professional version)
  • One or more buildings per corporation
  • Reference sheets
  • The register of units
  • List of common parts
  • List of residents and co-owners
  • Reference sheets (privative areas)
  • Evaluation of privative improvements
  • The list of directors of a corporation and the different users of PlanGAB
  • The corporation directory and the directory for all the corporations ("Professional" version)
  • The Maintenance Log (entry and follow-up)
  • The Reserve Fund (entry and monitoring)
  • Automated generation of maintenance schedule and task schedule
  • The documentation (with its history)
  • The images (generally unlimited number per recording)
  • The history of entries (PlanGAB allows the user to access all the past modifications of each of the records. This allows to know the author of each modification)
  • And much more.

In addition, the Professional version offers a CRM (customer relationship manager), a project manager, invoicing monitoring and the possibility of offering customers access to PlanGAB in its Corporation version.