Smart Application for Building Maintenance Tracking
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Building Maintenance Tracking Made Easy


In 2019, we noted that there was no available and accessible platform to manage the legal obligations under the new laws affecting co-ownership.

The additional regulation and changes in existing laws considerably increased the tasks and obligations of condominium associations.

Therefore we have created a platform that makes it easy to meet legal obligations in addition to offering a work schedule as well as all the services that make life easier for co-ownership administrators.

Following various discussions with building managers, we realized that management and planning need affected both cities and real estate managers. In addition, the tools currently on the market made it possibly easy to generate static documents (paper or PDF).

On the basis of these findings, we decided to expand the functionality of the platform to offer a building maintenance tracking tool not only to Condominium Associations but to building managers, building engineers, architects, managers of municipal buildings, and accredited appraisers.

The professional version allows these professionals to manage multiple groups of buildings while providing managers of each of these groups with an easy-to-follow task schedule. This approach helps to build customer loyalty while clearly standing out from the competition.


Our mission is to help you forecast, plan, and manage the maintenance of your buildings in the simplest way possible.
To this end, we offer an intelligent platform that simplifies the identification of the tasks to be accomplished while offering you a precise timely schedule of tasks for each stakeholder.


PlanGAB is offered in two versions:

  • An application for the daily management of one or more buildings.
  • An application for professionals and managers which allows the management of a set of corporations owning buildings to be centralized. This version provides a unique advantage for daily management to each of the concerned corporations. This helps to build customer loyalty by offering them a tool for monitoring the results of activities. guides you step by step towards the easy and quick drafting of the mandatory documentation. At the same time, we create a task calendar for you that can be accessed online at all times. At any time, ask for assistance to complete your entry or to find a qualified provider. On request, we can support and do the work for you.