Smart Application for Building Maintenance Tracking
Smart Application for Building Maintenance TrackingFree trial

The Platform

The platform to ensure peace of mind for managers and condominium administrators

Complete Easily and Quickly
Your Documents, Your Planning and Your Follow-UPS Related to the Maintenance of Your Buildings


  1. PlanGAB aims to make life easier for condominium associations, building professionals and other property managers through a quick and easy documents creation for your building maintenance.
    Thanks to the platform, the intelligent processes and the calendar of activities generator does an important part of the work which is essential for your planning.
  2. With its Professional Version, the objective is to offer professionals an environment allowing them to manage the monitoring of the maintenance of the buildings of their customers while offering them a service allowing them to build loyalty its customers. In addition, PlanGAB allows you to generate additional income.


PlanGAB is a unique platform on the market.

It can simultaneously generate various useful documents, use these documents dynamically, manage one or more buildings, manage one or more groups of buildings under the supervision of condominium associations or a manager, manage employees and collaborators and provide an excellent precise schedule of tasks.


PlanGAB has different unique features:

  • The professional version allows you to create Corporation versions at will for your clients.
  • Professionals can generate numerous reports on the platform as needed.
  • A tool for duplicating contingency fund plan making it possible to create a new plan and follow-up on planned activities with actual data for each building.
  • A simulation tool allowing to know the financial impacts of the short, medium and long term of different alternatives (ex .: major repair or replacement?)
  • All reports are dynamic. They can be updated according to the development of buildings.
  • Professionals can create their reports directly in your PlanGAB account. Indeed, professionals can create directly in PlanGAB your maintenance log, your contingency fund study, your reference sheets, lists of private improvements and much more.
  • The data entered is held in a history that can be consulted when needed. So you can know at any time the person who modified a document, including images.
  • Document management allows you to keep and classify each of your electronic and paper documents. It also permits you to associate the same document with several records, if necessary.
  • The platform allows an unlimited number of photos to be associated with each recording.
  • The professional version has a report generator to group similar activities over time for a set of clients and buildings.
  • The corporation version has a report generator allowing you to produce reports by type of activity (e.g. painting, cleaning, etc.), by building or group of buildings, by type of asset (parking, elevator, etc. .) and by many other criteria.
  • The scalable menus simplify entry. Indeed, a menu item is displayed when the previous steps have been completed. In addition, the dashboard indicates the steps completed and to be completed.
  • Smart screens only display useful information. For example, if a building does not have a swimming pool, the different screens concerned by the swimming pool asset will not display the elements linked to a swimming pool.
  • Procedures are available for carrying out each report.